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From Plantation Shutters, Basswood Shutters, and PVC Santorini Shutters to internal and external Aluminium Shutters, we have a shutter to suit your unique needs, taste and budget – and because we’re a local Australian company, we can guarantee a fast turnaround time when you order shutters.

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We supply a full range of shutters including:

Plantation shutters

PVC shutters

Basswood shutters

Palownia shutters

Cedar shutters

Aluminium Shutters

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Plantation Shutters Available in Cessnock

A wide range of Plantation Shutters to choose from, with shutters and shutter components in a range of materials from a variety of respected manufacturers.

We supply beautiful shutters, a type of window covering made with a series of slats. Our interior and exterior shutters come in many material combinations and colours to suit most décor styles. Our specialists offer the best service for measure, design, manufacture and installation.

We specialise in beautiful shutters to complement any kind of décor. Available in a diverse range of materials and colours, our carefully handcrafted shutters are economical and also very functional. We customize all our interior and exterior options to match one’s tastes, giving you full control over your property’s temperature, light, and ambiance. Whether it is to keep out drafts or for privacy purposes, we offer clients with top quality interior and exterior shutters at affordable prices.

Plantation Shutters

PVC Shutters

They’re one of the cheapest plantation shutter options on the market and are made of strong plastics supported by a tough aluminium frame.

Basswood Shutters

One of the most popular choices for window coverings, Basswood plantation shutters are becoming a staple in many Australian homes.

Plantation Shutters

The wider-than-average style that plantation shutters are known for make them a particularly stylish and modern choice for homes today.

Aluminum Shutters

One of the sleekest window covering options on the market, aluminium shutters have a smooth ultra-modern look while being made to last.

Key Benefits of Plantation Shutters Fitted to Your Home

UV Protection

No more sun damage! Protect your family and belongings from UV rays with plantation shutters.

Increased Value

Plantation shutters increase the aesthetic look of any home by creating a modern style


Shutters give you control over the privacy in your home and look great open or closed.

Low Maintenance

Shutters are easily cleaned, last for years resisting stains, fading and remaining sturdy.

DIY Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are a great investment in your home, offering both privacy and insulation. We offer free design advice to ensure that you get what will work best for you.

Do it yourself plantation shutters are the perfect solution to renovate your home. They can change any room. Plantation shutters offer privacy, aesthetic appeal and protection from natural light (or the absence of natural light).

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What Cessnock Home Owners Say About Plantation Shutters

Frequently Ask Question's

Plantation shutters are usually made up of slats that are connected at the top and bottom on the sides. They are available in several designs which are called by names such as single, double, triple, interlocking, accordion, half-moon, etc. Plantation shutters are also available in several materials which are wood, timber, vinyl, aluminum, plastic, etc.

Plantation shutters come in two types: external and internal. A clear external shutter appears the same as an internal shutter, but hangs outside of the window frame. The internal shutter is mounted on the inside of the window frame and is not visible from the outside. Both types of shutters seal out drafts and help to insulate your home. There is no significant difference in the ability of these two shutters to darken a room.

Plantation shutters are very practical and elegant on the appearances. They are ideal for cooling during hot summer days. They not only block sunlight and allow you to sleep in, but also reduce your air conditioning bills. Plantation shutters may cost a little more than typical vertical blinds, but their durability and versatility can help you save money in the long run.

Plantation shutter is a type of window covering that helps block out the sun, wind and the noise from the outside. This type of shutter comes in a wide range of colors, materials, designs, and sizes. Plantation shutters are made from metal, vinyl, aluminum, plastic and wood. Two most common types of plantation shutters are horizontal and vertical. Horizontal plantation shutter is a one-piece window covering that is mounted to the window frame with a decorative head rail or a top and a bottom rail. Vertical plantation shutters are a two-piece window covering with a top and bottom shutter and a decorative head rail.

The answer is NO. Plantation shutters are not just for bedrooms. They are also great for the living room. Plantation shutters are available in various kinds of wood. If you are choosing for plantation shutters for your living room, you will have to choose the right wood ones. You can even match these plantation shutters with other wooden furniture in the room. Many housewives consider plantation shutters for the kitchen area. The design of plantation shutters can match with any kind of kitchen design. If you are choosing plantation shutters for the kitchen area, you will have to choose the wooden ones that match with the kitchen’s wooden cabinets.

The most commonly found window coverings in bedroom is roll up blinds, wooden blinds, vertical blinds, plantation shutters, roman blinds, venetian blinds, etc. Roll up blinds are usually made of vinyl or aluminium and are the cheapest of the lot. Their biggest advantage is that they can be rolled up when they are not required. Wooden blinds are the second most commonly found in bedrooms. This is made of wood which can be painted to match the room. Vertical blinds are also very cheap. They are usually made of vinyl or wood. This is very unassuming and easily blend with the walls. Plantation shutters are the most expensive of the lot. Made of wood, vinyl or aluminium, they are very elegant and are the most common type of window coverings in living rooms. Roman Blinds are lightweight and are made of vinyl or linen. They are used very commonly in bedrooms. Venetian blinds are very beautiful and are made of vinyl, wood or aluminium.

Ready to Get Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for many homes because they are the perfect balance between contemporary and classic. Stylish, functional and practical, plantation shutters can help you get the most out of your home while staying in style.

Plantation shutters create a beautiful, unique look, while being functional. Using plantation shutters in your home will allow you to have a beautiful, unique look, while being functional. Shutters can be closed to block sunlight, or open to let light in.